Taking part in this questionnaire is voluntary 

Please note: Questions 6 and 7 are aimed at carers (if appropriate) about their experience of Camden MSK and associated services.

Which service did you attend? (Please tick all that apply)

1. How satisfied were you, that you were treated with compassion, respect and dignity during your session?
2. How satisfied are you that your treatment was personalised to meet your needs?
3. How satisfied are you that your needs were clearly understood?
4. How satisfied are you that the care you have received has met your needs?
5. I would recommend the Camden MSK service to my friends and family:
Do you have a carer (unpaid or paid) who is involved in your care and who would be willing to give feedback on the care that you have received from Camden MSK?  (optional)
We would very much value their feedback by completing these 2 questions:
6. I feel supported and involved in the care decisions of those I care for:  (optional)
7. I feel involved in the care decisions for those I care for:  (optional)